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Name Change....Again

2009-12-13 04:56:26 by MetalAnt

I'm Changing My Name To ChrisTobin In A Week , I've Changed My Name Once Before , And I Fucked it Up :/ . This Time No Fuck Ups , Just Some Good Flash , And NO Crappy Stuff :)

Bye MetalAnt Ill Miss You ;(

Name Change....Again


2009-12-05 15:33:08 by MetalAnt

Is A Great Flash Group 22 Types Of Members And I'm The Only Programmer :) /40818_74015_OPP_Preloader.php

Thats The Preloader Enjoy Smile Smily


I'm A Child Voice Actor

2009-11-28 18:24:27 by MetalAnt

Hi I'm 12 I Know I Know You Have to Be 13 But ....

Anyway I Just Go A New Mic And Wanna Do Some Acting Of The Voice Intressed?


I'm A Child Voice Actor

"Bush Voice" Needed

2009-11-12 13:06:20 by MetalAnt

A Need A Gd Vocie Actor Who Can Do Bush ( The Ex-Pres ) In The Next 10 Mins Whomeevr Replys Ill Give You Script!