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I'm A Child Voice Actor

2009-11-28 18:24:27 by MetalAnt

Hi I'm 12 I Know I Know You Have to Be 13 But ....

Anyway I Just Go A New Mic And Wanna Do Some Acting Of The Voice Intressed?


I'm A Child Voice Actor


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2009-11-29 08:22:19

I am


2009-11-29 15:48:45

How is your job David Hasselhoff?

MetalAnt responds:

Wow The Guy Who Made Doors Comented !


2009-12-05 06:27:45

Nice banner man. You're picture is kind of retarded, but still. You joined the OOP as their main programmer. I know how you don't stick to projects, but with the OOP you're going to have to, well, we'll be working together more often now. Cya.

MetalAnt responds:

I Know My Picture Sucks , You Like My Banner Smile Smiley And I Made Yeah :)